San Gabriel Mountains

San Gabriel Mountains

About the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California

The San Gabriel Mountains are an east-west running mountain range that spans a good portion of Southern California, north of the Los Angeles area and south of the Antelope Valley and High Desert. They were created by movement from a variety of faults, but particularly the shifting of the San Andreas Fault. You can see evidence of the shifting in the direction the mountains run. Parallel with the mountain range are a series of valleys that form unique features like Jackson Lake and Swarthout Valley (where the town of Wrightwood CA is located). Closer to the Los Angeles area, the mountains tend to get lower in elevation. These areas are beautiful and full of campgrounds and hiking trails for everyone to enjoy. The taller peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains are located toward the east end of the range, with the tallest point at 10,064 feet in elevation on top of Mt Baldy (Mount San Antonio). This seems like the most approprate place to start our tour of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Mt Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains
Mt Baldy
Iron Mountain in the San Gabriel Mountains
Iron Mountain
Dawson Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains
Dawson Peak
Pine Mountain in the San Gabriel Mountains
Pine Mountain
Wright Mountain in the San Gabriel Mountains
Wright Mountain
Mt Baden-Powell in the San Gabriel Mountains
Mt Baden-Powell References

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